Karim Wasfi, conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, had decided to play amid the wreckage to drive home a message.

Iraqis needed to experience beauty, not just endure one bomb after another.

“It’s about reaching out to people exactly where someone had experienced something so grotesque and ugly earlier,” Wasfi said in an interview. “The spot where people lost their lives, the spot where people were still trying to stay alive, trying to function.”

Source: CNN

It became a campaign that Wasfi calls Music for Peace. He has serenaded the dead at more than a dozen bombing sites since April 2015.

Its goal is to attack everyday life and peace of mind. His is to reclaim the space.

Wasfi said he witnessed the impact of the music when he played it for 53 children, who were making their home in a Baghdad mosque after ISIS displaced them from Ramadi and Falluja.

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Sources: CNN, Washington Post