graduation capThe belief, that students need to be able to manage computer and data science as well as journalism in order to be well prepared for the media world they are graduating into, is starting to reshape journalistic education around the world. Several pioneering institutions are embarking on such initiatives, including the University of Hong Kong, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, the Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain, Columbia and New York University in the United States, and others.

Click here to read an interview with Stefania Milan, Assistant Professor and coordinator of the Data Journalism Master’s programme at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, which was inaugurated in September 2012.

Why a data journalism MA?

Stefania Milan: We are a bit of a special department for a data journalism programme. We are actually based in the Humanities School and are not, so to speak, a classical journalism school. Instead we have a strong faction engaged in data mining, computational linguistics, and more generally, applied informatics. We thought this would be a good setting in which to shape the journalists of tomorrow, by exposing them to all the technical skills needed to find stories in complex data sets.

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