collegeColleges nationwide took notice when a federal complaint was filed against the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill alleging lax enforcement of Title IX regulations and a failure to adjudicate sexual violence on campus. That, together with a high-profile op-ed by Angie Epifano claiming similar failures at Amherst College, has brought the issue of sexual assaults to the forefront of the collegiate world over the past academic year.

“The survivor who is neglected and not given the proper support, resources, or housing changes often drops out,” said former UNC Assistant Dean of Students Melinda Manning, who resigned from her position after assisting students in filing their Title IX complaint. “But the survivor who is supported very often completes their education and thrives.”

Although more reforms may be needed, Manning said she is stunned by how much has happened at universities in the past few months.

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Source: Huff Post IMPACT