musicMusic does not help us to survive nor to procreate. Nevertheless it has a potent effect on our emotions, especially on our positive emotions. We can harness this power in daily life to mitigate some of the negative news we are obliged to consume every day. Make sure you spread in some feel-good music for yourself.

In an nutshell, why music makes us feel happy, “no one knows. However, we now have many clues to why music provokes intense emotions. The current favourite theory among scientists who study the cognition of music – how we process it mentally – dates back to 1956, when the philosopher and composer Leonard Meyer suggested that emotion in music is all about what we expect, and whether or not we get it. Meyer drew on earlier psychological theories of emotion, which proposed that it arises when we’re unable to satisfy some desire. That, as you might imagine, creates frustration or anger – but if we then find what we’re looking for, be it love or a cigarette, the payoff is all the sweeter.”